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The first time I listened to the song "No Contact", because a netizen sang, she sang very much, very good, and fell in love with this song since then, her love I know one or two, now It��s been a few years later, they are talented and beautiful women, poetry and poetry, boiled wine on poetry tea, and the words of the years, eyes and eyes, their love is really awkward, beautiful, romantic, sensational However, when they left, they decided to go without a trace, and there was no room for a round of manoeuvre. There was no chance to breathe a sigh of relief. As a bystander, they all had some pain, and they were very sorry. From her singing, she can hear the helplessness and relief of the past, and also the nostalgia for the past. Her voice is soft and mellow, like a relief in the song, and it is like a song that lets her release her feelings, "even if it is no longer Contact, I will still think of you," is not to say that the contact has been broken, you can cut off a trace, I will still think of you, just no longer contact, because you have your new question, I have my mission, From then on Marlboro Cigarettes, there will be no intersections anymore Marlboro Red, so I don��t want to disturb the tranquility of each other in the past, because there will be no embarrassment, and some will only go back, and I will miss you and hide from the years to miss you and miss you. Is there such a person, the secret that you are deeply buried in your heart, do not want to mention it again, do not dare to touch it again, because if you are not careful, the thought will be sprinkled all over the place, and you will be deeply immersed in this puzzle. I can't afford to be in our youth, I will experience love, pass, hate, maybe you love people and love you, for various reasons, each other becomes a stranger, but you are worth it, because love, It is enough. There is a saying that love is like a bubble, that is, a fireworks. As long as it has been bright, there is nothing to regret. Because it is a person, you and I cannot avoid such a thing. Only after the experience Understand that the preciousness of feelings may be the person you love Newport 100S, and you have not loved you, but you love to walk hard, just like the moon in "The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man", she quietly loves the stinky egg, but stinks There are only Linger in the heart of the egg. Some people are looking at the stinky egg and the Linger. They think they are very worthy. If they don��t fall in love with him, but the fate makes them have some kind of connection. What can they do like a month? Her love for him has been very quiet. It��s a movie of three people, but without her name, people have a bit of pain. Maybe there is her in the heart of the stinky egg, but he doesn��t know it, maybe he doesn��t Marlboro Gold, if he doesn��t, he can��t blame the stinky egg because he has a spirit in his life. child. It��s unfair for the month, but I fell in love with the other person. She thought that love can be paid as long as she can, but she did not expect that love should respond. She is very stupid, very real, and deeply loved. Completion of both of them. Who can say things like feelings, maybe it��s a sinful owe to the happiness of the moon, maybe the moon should not be inserted, it is the result of oneself, but who can sort out this kind of thing in the relationship, if You and I are all rational and watery. There are so many entanglements and grievances Cheap Cigarettes, but you and I don��t have such entanglements and grievances. What is the meaning of the person��s life? There is no time for the old clothes, how can there be a story, life is like this. You can't skip the red dust, because you are also a play, you can't cross the fate to embrace yourself, you have to follow the fate to explain the ending that God has arranged for you, even if you will cry, but there is no way this is fate. You and I are no longer in contact, but I still think of you occasionally, even if you don't want to think about it, but there is no way, fate is like this. You have to learn to answer this heavy subject. In our real life, there is such an experience. It is life in the drama and outside the drama. Just like unrequited love, I love you, I love you with all my strength, but you don't know that I love you, even if I know that I love you, you can't love me, sometimes fate is so hateful, I love people, he Do not love me, I have always loved him or some, Xiaosan's foot, maybe she came late, but she can fall in love with it, for example, Salome, she is pursuing love all her life, she Life is a good man around her, but you can't say anything about her, because love, this is uncertain, you don't know, when you come, and it has strong instability, so it will be Europe. More thin lover. This can not blame anyone, can only blame love itself, if you are too obsessed with love, it is easy to drift in feelings, even if you and I do not contact, but will think of each other, miss before, maybe we just fall in love with love
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